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New resources to help adolescents with short bowel syndrome transition to adult care

The short bowel syndrome transition of care guide helps teens become comfortable making their own health care decisions.
SBS transitions of care feat im (1)
SBS transitions of care feat im (1)

Navigating care and treatment for chronic health conditions such as short bowel syndrome can feel overwhelming for young adults who previously had parents or caregivers make their health care decisions.

Help your adolescent patients with short bowel syndrome navigate the transition from pediatric to adult care with new materials that explain the transition of care process.

Our materials will help individuals between the ages of 13 – 18 prepare to take responsibility for their health and be empowered to make decisions about their own treatment.

Visit the short bowel syndrome transitions of care resource in the AGA GI Patient Resource Center and share the tools below on your website or patient portal to help adolescent patients and their caregivers understand the next steps in their SBS treatment journey.


  • Transition of care guide

    Share this guide to help teens transition from adolescent to adult care for short bowel syndrome

  • Six tips to navigate the health care transition

    Watch this video for tips on navigating from pediatric to adult care.

Visit the AGA GI Patient Center

Share the short bowel syndrome resources with your adolescent patients as they take responsibility for their health.
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