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Introducing Gastroenterology’s new DEI editor: Chyke Doubeni, MD, MPH

Dr. Doubeni will spearhead the efforts at Gastroenterology and across our portfolio of journals to develop a scientific publishing enterprise that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.
Chyke Doubeni, MD, MPH
Chyke Doubeni, MD, MPH

Professor of Family Medicine
Center for Health Equity and Community Engagement Research at The Mayo Clinic

Check out a few questions we asked the new editor below:

  • What are you most looking forward to in this role?

    This is a unique opportunity to advance diversity, equity and inclusion through the scientific publication process.

  • Describe your ideal DEI-focused submission.

    Articles that address the critical importance of workforce diversity, health equity, the use of race and effect of racism in GI research and practice. Other important topics are identifying and explicating biases in risk assessment tools and algorithms in GI, promotion of inclusive research and interventions that demonstrate elimination or reduction of health disparities.

  • What are you looking for when identifying and recruiting colleagues that are underrepresented in medicine to serve as a thoughtful reviewer or contributor?

    We recognize the contributions and sacrifice made by our colleagues who serve as reviewers to advance the science of health equity and anti-racism. We greatly value reviewers who provide additional contextual information or data to highlight the importance of health equity as a priority in the field, conclusions that are supported by the data, provide their peers feedback on the appropriate use of language on race/ethnicity, attention to sex as a biological variable and avoiding the use of potentially stigmatizing language.

Be sure to follow Dr. Doubeni on Twitter, @ChykeDoubeni.