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IBD patient education pages – new look and more in-depth information

AGA has updated its patient education content on inflammatory bowel disease, with information tailored for a more advanced patient audience. 

New AGA patient education pages on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) now available with the following sections:

    • Overview (living and coping with IBD; additional resources)
    • What is IBD? (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease)
    • Disease management strategies
    • IBD treatment strategies
    • Surgery strategies and lifestyle changes

These new patient education pages are a part of larger library of topics, free of charge to AGA members, available for your practice and patients in both English and Spanish.

AGA’s GI Patient Center education content is developed by our specialists, written in an accessible style that is easy for patients to understand and read. AGA works to help our members provide the best care to your patients by keeping all of this information readily available and up to date.

We invite our members to download these materials to their electronic health record (EHR) system. Read our instructions for Athena, Cerner, Epic and gMed.

Inform your patients about these new education resources by directing your patients to the website link above or posting them to your practice website. Feel free to share these new resources on social media and tag @AmerGastroAssn.

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