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October 29, 2018

How to incorporate emerging models in IBD care

Maria Abreu, MD, AGAF, explores models of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) care and the practical insights on how to build them into your practice.

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Practice settings may vary but questions, concerns and objectives for IBD specialists are often universal. Whether care is provided in a large center or through a solo practice, the 2019 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress® will examine common challenges providers face from patient care to getting insurance approval for drugs. The Trends in IBD Care: How to Incorporate Emerging Models session, led by Laurie Keefer, PhD, AGAF, of Mount Sinai and Joel Rosh, MD, AGAF, of Atlantic Health System, will explore models of IBD care and provide practical insights on how to build your practice based on your resources.


“We’ll talk about everything from big data and all the different cohorts of people we are following and how you integrate all that data to day-to-day stuff,” said Dr. Abreu of the University of Miami and co-chair of the congress’ Organizing Committee.


Among the areas of focus for this session will be:


    • Integration of Clinical Trials Enrollment Into Everyday IBD Care: Phenotype and Risk Profiling to Assist in Patient Selection


    • Looking Into the Future: Translational and Biomarker Findings That Could Inform Process


    • How Big Data Will Shape Our IBD Care Model: Prevalence of Anemia, Emotional Well-Being and Quality of Life


    • How Big Data Will Shaper Our IBD Care Model: Issues of Access and Care Utilization, Quality and Variaton of Care





The Crohn’s & Colitis Congress, a partnership of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and AGA, provides a multidisciplinary perspective on treating IBD for health care professionals and researchers. The congress will be held Feb. 7–9, 2019, in Las Vegas. Discounted registration rates apply through Dec. 12.



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