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June 4, 2020

How the digital health revolution is impacting GI

From CRC screening to management of IBD, GI is positioned to lead the shift to health care consumerism.
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In the June issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH), Drs. Simon C. Mathews,  Adam B. Cohen and Martin A. Makary assess the current digital health revolution and the importance of fostering health care consumerism in GI. Read their article, featured in CGH’s Practice Management: The Road Ahead column: Implications of Consumerism in Health Care.

Here’s an excerpt:

Consumerism in health care is defined as a patient-centric orientation of health products and services with a focus on empowerment and ease of use. In contrast, the traditional model in health care, including in gastroenterology, is physician-centric, with doctors effectively purchasing goods and services on the patient’s behalf. The current digital health revolution is fostering health care consumerism by advancing greater transparency and increasing the accessibility of gastroenterology care. As novel technologies, tools and online communities grow, gastroenterologists are positioned to take a leading role. From colorectal cancer screening to management of IBD, gastroenterology represents the range of complexity seen in medicine. As a result, the way in which GI physicians and patients use emerging digital tools and technologies can set the standard across medicine.

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