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Gastro Bites: Moving Forward with Gastroparesis

Discover the latest in diagnosing and treating gastroparesis. Join AGA for this month's Gastro Bites session on Aug. 26, at noon EDT.

Gain new insights into diagnosing and treating gastroparesis. Join Pankaj Jay Pasricha, MD, MBBS, Nitin K. Ahuja, MD, MS, and Kimberly N. Harer, MD, for this month’s free session of Gastro Bites, on Aug. 26, at noon EDT, titled Moving Forward with Gastroparesis.

Gastroparesis can be a challenging entity to diagnose and treat. New insights into the pathophysiology of this condition suggest that a thoughtful approach to patient care can encompass much more than transit testing and prokinetic medications.

We look forward to exploring the following with you and expert faculty:

  1. The relationship between gastroparesis and functional dyspepsia.
  2. Tailoring interventions to patient presentation.
  3. Diet, nutrition and the risk of disordered eating.
  4. Recent innovations and future directions in gastric dysmotility.

Join AGA each month for Gastro Bites, the free monthly series featuring expert speakers offering bite-sized education (15–30 minutes long) on a health awareness topic. View past sessions.

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