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August 24, 2020

From intention to action: How we’re combatting racism and health disparities in GI

AGA leadership outlines strategy to further execute diversity policy.
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The AGA Equity Project advisory board along with other AGA leaders have released a new commentary in Gastroenterology: “From Intention to Action: Operationalizing AGA Diversity Policy to Combat Racism and Health Disparities in Gastroenterology.

The commentary provides a transparent self-examination of the racial and ethnic makeup of AGA’s members, volunteer leaders and staff compared with U.S. population data. It also assesses our previous initiatives focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. It then looks ahead by detailing  plans to further operationalize the goals enumerated in the AGA Diversity Policy.

“We choose to be among the leaders in health care organizations that work to stem the tide of systemic racism and its negative impact on the health of our patients and the lives of our members.” – Commentary authors

AGA will engage anti-racism as a strategy to promote diversity, equity and inclusion and reduce disparities in GI diseases.

The AGA Equity Project advisory board will lead AGA’s future efforts by establishing major equity initiatives in the following domains:

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