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Final chance to submit AGA leadership nominations

Names are due by Nov. 1 for AGA Committees and AGA Institute Council section leadership.

The deadline to submit nominations for several AGA committees and AGA Institute Council positions is one week from today — Nov. 1, 2021 — and we encourage you to use this opportunity to get more involved with AGA. Diversity in nominations, be it race, ethnicity, gender, geographic distribution, institution or practice, is encouraged and welcome.

AGA’s committee structure enables volunteer members to play an active role in the association’s decision-making process. Each committee is assigned a mission and set of responsibilities associated with a particular area within the association. Members can either nominate themselves or other members, and terms will start in June 2022. If you are self-nominating, please review AGA’s conflict of interest disclosure policy prior to applying.  Questions for committee positions can be directed to AGA’s Executive Office.

The council is comprised of 13 special interest groups, or sections, within AGA membership and allows volunteer members to be involved with session planning for Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) and other council-led education programs. Questions for council leadership positions can be sent to council staff.

The following sections are holding nominations for the positions of vice chair and nominating committee members. Self-nomination is also allowed.

  • Basic & Clinical Intestinal Disorders (BCID)
  • Clinical Practice (CP)
  • Endoscopy, Technology & Imaging (ETI)
  • Immunology, Microbiology & Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IMIBD)
  • Liver & Biliary (LB)
  • Microbiome & Microbial Therapy (MMT)
  • Obesity, Metabolism & Nutrition (OMN)