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Submit an abstract for the 2022 Freston Conference

The 2022 Freston Conference, Oct. 7-8, will examine scientific discoveries with GI organoids.
Organoids graphic
Organoids graphic

Abstract submissions for the 2022 James W. Freston Single Topic Conference: Gastrointestinal Organoids and Engineered Organ Systems must be received by Aug. 15.

The 2022 Freston Conference, which will take place Oct. 7-8, in Washington, D.C., brings together experts in GI organ cell and developmental biology to discuss innovative human cell and tissue culture platforms. Have your research be a topic of discussion. Submit your abstract here for one of the following categories:

  • Bioengineered approaches and new technologies.
  • Organoid models of GI infection, inflammation and microbiome.
  • Organoid models of GI tumorigenesis and cancer.
  • GI development, stem cells and cell plasticity.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage GI scientists and physicians, physiologists, biologists and bioengineers – all seeking to determine how GI organoids provide novel insights into human biology and disease.