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  June 24, 2020

Discuss IBS in a way that engages your patients

Do you find it challenging to discuss IBS with patients so they are motivated to proactively manage their ailments?
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According to William D. Chey, MD, University of Michigan Health System, the key is learning how to communicate more effectively.

In the first of a four-part series on Contemporary issues in rural medicine: Aligning management of functional bowel disorders in best practices, Dr. Chey encourages you to move away from traditional approaches that are not empathetic such as informing sufferers that the causes of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are unknown and there is no cure. Instead, you should redefine IBS in a way that gives your patient hope that they can take control of their illness and restore a measure of normalcy in their lives. Watch now to see language Dr. Chey suggests using.

IBS affects about 40 million Americans, and it is one of the most common GI disorders. By participating in the series, you will understand how to utilize the Rome criteria to diagnose IBS sufferers ranging from extreme diarrhea to severe constipation and will become knowledgeable about evidence-based therapies for patients who have not responded to conventional dietary and pharmacologic interventions.

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