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GI Forging Forward virtual series
  November 18, 2020

Disaster management: A framework we can all learn from

Real accounts, eight-point bioethics scoring resource and lessons learned.
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The GI Forging Forward series brings you experts in the field to cover the latest COVID-19 findings, share proven strategies to communicate and manage disaster and crises, and educate participants on evidence-based recommendations to meet today’s swiftly evolving needs.

Susan F. Reynolds, MD, PhD, president and CEO of The Institute for Medical Leadership, led the latest virtual symposia, “Managing Disasters in the Community Hospital Setting: From Pandemics to Hurricanes, to Earthquakes to Fires.” This session provides critical considerations and processes that can be adapted across various disaster situations and environments. The methods presented can help your disaster preparedness planning, and we invite you to view the on-demand education, now on AGA University.

Resources included in the module:

  • Disaster management overview led by Dr. Reynolds.
  • Interview with Dr. James C. Hobley, Louisiana-based Gastroenterologist and partner at the Gastrointestinal Specialists, A.M.C., shares how his group and hospital has dealt with COVID-19 and a recent category four hurricane Laura and major lessons learned over his experiences with disaster management.
  • Q&A moderated by AGA Forward Scholar, Dr. Eric J. Vargas, Advanced Endoscopy Fellow at the Mayo Clinic.
  • 8-Point Bioethics Scoring Grid (downloadable PDF).
  • Presentation slides (downloadable PowerPoint).

The FORWARD program and the GI Forging Forward series are supported by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the NIH (award number R25DK118761).

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