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November 8, 2018

Democrats win House and Republicans win Senate

Voters hedged their bets on election day as House Democrats picked up at least 28 seats to capture the majority while Senate Republicans appear poised to add to their slim 51-49 majority. Three Senate seats and 12 House seats are still too close to call. 

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Health care was the dominant message for Democrats, who pounded their opponents on their lack of support for coverage of patients with preexisting conditions, while Republicans touted the strong economy. The health care messages appeared to be more effective on local races while the economy helped statewide candidates.


Democrats needed a gain of 23 seats in the House so they hold a five seat margin pending the results of the 12 unsettled seats. Democrats are widely expected to still gain the majority once these races are settled. The three undecided Senate races also do not affect the Republican majority in the Senate. Several health care providers were added to the House roster including an emergency room physician, a dermatologist and a dentist. The prognosis on the legislative agenda in 2019 remains uncertain but it helps both President Trump and House Democrats to show some accomplishments to position each party well going into the 2020 elections.



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