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  March 19, 2021

Collaboration spotlight: How digital navigation program is helping this GI practice.

Valley Health System has reduced no-show rates and improved patients’ bowel prep quality.
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In June of 2020, Valley Health System in New Jersey joined the AGA-Rx.Health Digital Transformation Initiative and adopted Rx.Health’s fully automated, AI-powered digital navigation program to guide pre and post-endoscopy care, reduce no-show rates, and enhance outcomes in its pediatric population.

Dr. J. Antonio Quiros MD, DHA, clinical professor at the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine and chair of children’s services at Valley Medical Group, shares his experience with us:

Valley Medical Group’s Pediatric GI site is the first site to be prescribing customized endoscopy digital care pathways to its patients using the Rx.Health Platform. Since June of 2020, I have been prescribing these pathways to prepare and educate both children and their caregivers about their upcoming endoscopy procedures.

Adopting this innovative digital solution has transformed our practice. We have been impressed with how informed and prepared enrolled patients have been for their procedures. Prior to implementing this solution, many parents complained that they had trouble understanding the lengthy bowel preparation instruction sheets, did not realize that they had to begin bowel preparation days in advance, and/or that they misplaced their instruction sheets. This resulted in poor bowel preparation and aborted or incomplete exams.

Moreover, the processes for scheduling, reminding, counseling and recall for GI procedures were broken and we had to spend enormous staff resources to call and engage patients. In spite of that, we saw higher rates of no-show, missed appointments and poor prep than we would like to see.

Our new pathway effectively addresses all of these problems by sending automated, timely text messages with preparation instructions, educational materials, and reminders to patients and/or their caregivers. We are proud to be the first practice in the country to make this cutting-edge automation available to pediatric patients in addition to the adult population, effectively reducing no-show rates and improving patients’ bowel prep quality.

GI practices and ASCs interested in learning more about automated digital GI navigation for procedures, can visit

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