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March 10, 2020

Call for new AGA guideline topics

What clinical guidelines are missing and would help you in practice?
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The AGA Institute Clinical Guidelines Committee wants your input on the next set of guidelines to be developed. By completing this online form, you can submit recommendations for guideline topics that will be developed within the next two years. The deadline to submit your ideas is Monday, April 13.

It’s easy —  3 steps to submit a guideline idea
  • 1. Check out the guidelines AGA has already developed or are in progress.
  • 2. Complete the survey. You can submit more than one guideline topic by filling out the form multiple times.
  • 3. Stay tuned for follow up questions in case the committee needs more information on your recommendations.

The AGA Institute Clinical Guidelines Committee will review guideline topics in May, prioritizing and ranking topics based on the following criteria: prevalence of disease, resource utilization, variation in care, other existing guidelines, new data/changes in diagnosis or treatment, and potential for measure/quality development. Once vetted, four or more new guidelines will be recommended for development throughout the year.

AGA develops clinical practice guidelines using the most up-to-date research to help you practice evidence-based medicine. Clinical practice guidelines are critical to reducing physician variation and providing high-quality patient care. Learn more about AGA’s clinical practice guidelines.

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