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August 5, 2019

Are you ready for upcoming ABIM certification exams?

Let DDSEP® 9 help you prepare for that important ABIM certification, recertification or knowledge check-in exam.

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Whether you are preparing for ABIM’s traditional (10-year) GI MOC Exam on Nov. 20, 2019, or its two-year Knowledge Check In on Sept. 4 or Sept. 12, 2019, AGA’s Digestive Diseases Self-Education Program® (DDSEP) has been preparing GI clinicians for exam success for the past two decades.

Written by leading experts, DDSEP 9 delivers with a wealth of new information and case-specific questions about GI diseases that replicates exam conditions and allows you to customize your learning to meet your needs and busy lifestyle. DDSEP 9 keeps you updated on all major subjects vital to providing sound GI patient care. Need to understand the latest learning about gastrointestinal bleeding? Have a particularly troubling case of the biliary tract? Want to know more about esophageal disorders? DDSEP 9 has you covered with new learning and knowledge updates for 17 major GI categories.

 Along with over 800 questions, an ABIM-style mock exam, and digital resources that allow you to practice test questions, create modules, and identify your level of learning, DDSEP 9 helps you take your GI expertise and patient care to the next level of excellence. Order your copy today at

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