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Announcing the XXXVII Pan American Congress of Gastroenterology

The Pan American Congress of Gastroenterology will be held virtually in Spanish on July 14-16, 2021. Scientific abstracts due May 10.

Join AGA and the Pan American Gastroenterology Organization (OPGE) for the XXXVII Pan American Congress of Gastroenterology, held virtually in Spanish on July 14-16, 2021. The meeting will be held on a user-friendly platform, promising to be interactive for attendees, speakers and industry. This is a great opportunity to attend an annual event that typically requires extensive travel.

During the three-day meeting, the most current issues in GI will be analyzed, including:

  1. Functional disorders of the digestive system. Impacts of the pandemic.
  2. Comprehensive management of gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  3. Microbiome, disease and therapeutics.
  4. Gluten, the new villain.
  5. Pancreatobiliary pathology. Multidisciplinary approaches from diagnosis to treatment.
  6. Inflammatory bowel diseases, current and future challenges.
  7. Genetics and digestive disease.
  8. Colorectal cancer, everyone’s commitment, from screening to treatment.
  9. Helicobacter pylori in Latin America. Each country a world?
  10. Liver diseases, from the general to the particular.
  11. Digestive endoscopy in the era of SARS COV 2. New techniques and devices.
  12. Nutrition and physical activity in pandemic.

Submit scientific abstracts by May 10, 2021.

OPGE’s President Eduardo Gutiérrez Galiana, MD, and Secretary General José Pedro Ibargoyen, MD, hope to see you at this year’s meeting. Learn more about the 2021 Congress.

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