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ABIM to roll out new longitudinal maintenance pathway for GI in 2022

The traditional 10-year MOC exam will still be available to any diplomate who prefers this option.

ABIM has announced the rollout schedule for the longitudinal maintenance pathway, which will be available to gastroenterology in 2022. The GI societies — AASLD, ACG, AGA and ASGE — continue to be involved in the process of reforming the maintenance of certification (MOC) system, participating on work groups to help develop practice profiles that will enable ABIM to assess diplomates based on how they practice.

Here are details from the ABIM announcement

The longitudinal pathway for MOC is a five-year cycle and includes both a participation requirement and performance standard. You cannot lose certification if you don’t meet either of these requirements; however, if you do not successfully meet the participation and/or performance requirements, you must pass the traditional 10-year MOC exam the following year to remain certified.

ABIM highlighted key features of this new option:

  • Four minutes per question (plus a time bank physicians can draw from if they need more time in responding to a question); answer any place or time
  • Provides immediate feedback, rationale, references
  • Participation requirement: 120 questions offered per year (can skip 100 questions over five years)
  • Physicians can start engaging in the year in which their assessment is due
  • Access any resource used in practice (except another person)
  • Can be used for earning MOC points
  • Performance standard: Feedback relative to standard will be provided, and a final score calculated at conclusion of the five-year cycle
  • Provides re-entry pathway for physicians with lapsed certifications with successful completion of the five year cycle (the traditional MOC exam represents a faster re-entry pathway)

Physicians with an assessment, attestation or points due in 2020 will have until Dec. 31, 2021, to complete them. The traditional 10-year MOC exam will still be available to any diplomate who prefers this option.

NOTE: Because of the relatively small number of those certifying in Transplant Hepatology, it is not feasible to offer the new longitudinal pathway in this discipline. After 2020, the traditional 10-year MOC Exam will be the only assessment available in Transplant Hepatology.

The GI societies will continue to advocate for our principles and to keep you informed of future developments.


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