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December 20, 2018

ABIM launches 2-Year Knowledge Check-in for GI

AGA is committed to reforming the maintenance of certification system while also helping you navigate the system as it currently stands.

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Regarding navigating the current system: 


    • Beginning in 2019, gastroenterologists will be eligible to enroll in a new two-year assessment option called a knowledge check-in as an alternative to the 10-year exam.
    • The check-in can be done at home, open book.
    • Failure in 2019 doesn’t result in loss of certification and you will be able to retake the check-in in 2021.
    • If your certification expires in 2019, you may want to look into the knowledge check-in as an alternative to the 10-year exam. Note that ABIM closes the registration window for the spring 2019 check-in on Jan. 15. More details are available from ABIM

To help you understand the options, join AGA Education Director Maura Davis on the AGA Community for a Q&A on the 10-year exam vs the two-year check-in. She will be available throughout the week of Jan. 7, 2019. Submit your question early at

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