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Traditional Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving holiday celebration party. Flat-lay of friends or family feasting at Thanksgiving Day festive table with turkey, pumpkin pie, roasted seasonal vegetables and fruit, top view.
  December 16, 2019

4 tips to survive holiday heartburn

As we approach the holiday season, your patients might have even more questions about how to manage their heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
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We’ve got your back with tips and a video you can share on your practice’s social media and website.

Here’s our practical guidance for patients on how to make reflux less problematic:

  • 1. Take over-the-counter medicines: Antacids or H2 blockers can help, but if you’re on a proton pump inhibitor (PPI), taking an additional PPI won’t be effective or work more quickly.
  • 2. Pace yourself: Eat smaller meals, spread them out throughout the day and don’t eat too late.
  • 3. Secrets for good sleep: After a big meal, it might help to sleep on your left side and raise your head with a few extra pillows or bricks under the bed.
  • 4. Get moving: Go for a walk, take a mint or, even though it’s not proper, belch a few times after a big meal!

Share these tips, AGA patient education on GERD, and the video below on your practice website or social media channels and tag @AmerGastroAssn.

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