Drug affordability principles

AGA position: Drug affordability should be focused on decreasing out-of-pocket expenses for patients, maintaining reasonable incentives for innovation, increasing cost transparency, promoting shared decision-making and boosting competition.

AGA Advocates for Increased NIH Funding

AGA position: Congress should increase NIH funding to $41.6 billion in fiscal year (FY) 2020.

Urge Congress to increase NIH funding by $2.5 billion to sustain momentum.

AGA supports the Safe Step Act

AGA position: Patients should be given a clear, equitable and transparent appeals process when subjected to step therapy protocols.

Take action! Ask your member of Congress to support the Safe Step Act.

Patient cost sharing for screening colonoscopy

AGA position: AGA urges correction of Medicare beneficiary cost sharing for screening colonoscopy.

Take Action! Oppose CMS’ proposal to require physicians to inform patients about the CRC screening coinsurance problem.

Patient protections and access to care

AGA position: Congress must include provisions to ensure patient access to specialty care and other essential patient protections in any new health care legislation.